Change DNS settings of vRealize Operations Manager Virtual Appliance 8.x

VMware vRealize Operations Archives | Steven Bright

Please find the steps to change the DNS server(s) of the vRealize Operations Manager Virtual Appliance. For each node that you want to change, perform these steps:

1. SSH to the vRealize Operations Manager Appliance as root.
2. Verify the current DNS configuration by running the following command:

ovfenv --key vami.DNS.vRealize_Operations_Manager_Appliance

2. Change the DNS server or servers. To specify multiple DNS servers set DNS_server_IP as a comma-separated list with no spaces.

ovfenv --key vami.DNS.vRealize_Operations_Manager_Appliance --value DNS_server_IP

For Example

ovfenv --key vami.DNS.vRealize_Operations_Manager_Appliance --value,

3. Reboot the virtual machine.