Change Hostname of vCloud Director Appliance

Hey All, hope you all doing well.

At the moment when you deploy VCD appliance we dont have the option to provide the hostname for the vCloud Director Cell . When you login to the console or ssh to the appliance, it just shows the default ‘photon-machine’ as the hostname. Its difficult to identify the VCD Cells if you have multiple cells in the environment.

Changing Hostname of the appliance is easy. Here is your warning.  I would not recommend using this workaround in your production environment without being directed to make this change by VMware support or officially documented by VMware.

Please find the steps below. 

SSH into the vCloud Director appliance as root user and run the following command to see the current configuration:

Runt the following command to change the host name.

Verify that the hostname is changed. 

Now reboot the Appliance and verify that the new name sustained reboot.