Change NTP settings of vCloud Director Appliance

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Please find the steps for modifying NTP settings of vCloud Director Appliance.

Change NTP Servers

  1. SSH to vCloud Director appliance as root.
  2. Configure the NTP source for the virtual appliance.
    1. Open the /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf file to edit, such as vi.
    2. Remove the comment for the NTP configuration, add the NTP settings, and save the changes. Please note that you’ve to leave a space between NTP server FQDNs.  NTP=<FQDN of NTP Server1> <FQDN of NTP Server>

For example, 

Verify the status

  1. Enable the systemd-timesyncd service and verify the status.
    1. Run the timedatectl set-ntp true command to enable the network time synchronization.
    2. Run the systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd to enable the NTP synchronization
    3. Run the timedatectl status and systemctl status systemd-timesyncd.service to verify the status of the service.

Change Time Zone

After you deploy successfully the vCloud Director appliance, you can change the system time zone of the appliance. All vCloud Director appliance instances in the server group must use the same settings.

Please find the steps to change the timezone of vCD appliances here.