Uninstall VMware PowerCLI modules from Powershell Core

Recently I had to uninstall PowerCLI modules from Powershell Core. As we know installing PowerCLI on Powershell from Powershell Gallery is an easy one step task. The following command will help you to do that.

As of today (30-08-2019) the above command will install all following modules.

But when you try to uninstall the module ‘VMware.PowerCLI’ with following command, it will remove only VMware.PowerCLI, rest of the modules will be retained.

The following option is not useful since some modules are dependent on others.

The easiest way to remove all VMware modules is to remove them from module path. The following command will help you to find out the location of VMware modules. Once its identified just delete them from explorer. Powershell modules doesn’t make windows registry entries, so deleting them from the path is equivalent to a complete uninstall.