vCD : Permissions to view and execute vRO workflows in vCloud Director

Its important to add necessary privileges to the roles after vRealize Orchestrator 7.5 is registered in vCloud Director 9.5. Otherwise you will not be able to see the Option to ‘Execute’ the vRO workflows. As shown in the following screeenshot the option ‘Execute’ will be hidden in Tenant Portal. 

Hamburger Menu > Libraries > Service Library > Workflow

Please find the steps to provide adequate permissions to execute the vRO workflows from vCloud Director 9.5.

  1. Login to the HTML5 Provider portal. 
    • https://<vcloud director FQDN>/provider
  2. Navigate to Hamburger Menu > Administration > Rights Bundles
  3. Select Default Rights Bundle
  4. Click on EDIT.
  5. Navigate to the section ‘Extensions’ and expand ‘Additional Services’
  6. As in the following screenshot you can see that by default the options to execute or view the running workflows are not selected.
  7. Select the options.
    • View running Workflows.
    • View Available Workflows
    • Execute Available Workflows.
  8. Click on Save.
  9. Now click on Publish.
  10. Select ‘Publish to All Tenants’ if you wish to publish for all tenants. 
  11. Now login to the Tenant portal with an user who has ‘Organization Administrator’ role assigned. 
  12. Navigate to Libraries > Service Library. You can see that the workflow is listed with the option ‘Execute’ !!.