vCD : Register vRO 7.5 with vCloud Director 9.5

I was trying to register vRealize Orchestrator with vCloud Director 9.5. The steps are documented here. But I had few issues while registering vRO. I thought the steps with screenshot may be useful for you. Please find the steps with screenshots below.

  1. Login to vCD HTML 5 Provider as administrator.
    • https://<vcd fqdn>/provider
  2. Navigate to Service Management.
    • Hamburger button > Conten Libraries > Service Management
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Provide details displayed in the Dialogue box. 
    • vRO display Name
    • Description
    • vRO Hostname
    • vRO UserName and Password.
      • NOTE: If you selected authentication method as vSphere whiel configuring vRO then the user has to be a vSphere user. 
  5. Click on Trust Anchor and upload the vRO SSL Certificate (.PEM). 
    • Note: The Certificates CN should match the value provided in ‘vRO Hostname’. 
  6. Click OK.
  7. You can see that the vRO is registered in vCloud Director!!