VM Inventory as e-mail with hyperlinks to vCenter Web UI and VM console

This post is to publish the enhanced version of the script PowerCLI sccript for exporting VM details to HTML. This version has the following features added.

1. Report will be sent as e-mail in HTML format.
2. Added Hyperlink to the vCenter Web Client to login.
3. Each VM will have the Hyperlink to the corresponding VM Console.

The output that is produced by the script looks like this


1. Hyperlinks will work only on vCenters with vSphere version 5.1 or above.

2. The client integration plug-in has to be installed on your desktops to see remote console of the VM. The following VMware Article has the steps for installing plug-in.


  • Some Guy

    Spiffy, I have a similar script but I’m not an admin on the vCenter servers so all my calls go through the cloud api (I’m a cloud admin) and wrapped it all into a table. Unfortunately all the commands I can use are the one the have ‘ci’ in the Connect-CIServer, Get-civm etc.

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  • AK

    I tried this and while it generated what appears to be an accurate email, the URL tries to load up the console and gives me an error ‘null’ (attached) screenshot. I am using vCenter 5.5 (Appliance) PowerCli 5.5

    • AK

      Ignore this: Basically, I see you have to login to the Web Client FIRST and then the click able links will work! Would be nice if somehow passthrough auth would work….