How to validate TKGm Cluster?

Please find the steps to validate a TKGm cluster deployed through VMware Container Service Extension.

Step 1 : Download kubeconfig file

  • Download the Kubeconfig file to a windows machine which has access to the Native Kubernetes cluster.
  • Create folder .kube under $HOME.


  • Copy the configfile dowloaded to .kube folder.
  • Rename the file to ‘config’ without any extensions.

Step 2 : Download kubectl

  • Download Kubectl for Windows from
  • Create folder $HOME\kubectl and copy kubectl.ext to the folder. Add the folder to the ‘Path’ User variable in Environment Variables.

Run kubectl

Step 3: Run a ‘hello world’ application in the cluster.

Follow the steps from following article to deploy a Hello World applicaiton in the K8S cluster created.

Exposing an External IP Address to Access an Application in a Cluster | Kubernetes

Note: In the following command use NodePort instead of LoadBalancer

kubectl expose deployment hello-world --type=LoadBalancer --name=my-service